Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Woodland Fairy Party

HaPpY BiRtHdAy ZoE!

For Zoe's 4th birthday she had a Woodland Fairy Party.

Staging the Party

Snack Station

A light snack of Woodland Trail Mix and Pixie Punch was provided.

Woodland Trail Mix consisted of:
Sunflower Seeds
Wrinkled Grapes (raisins)
Woodland Berries (strawberries, blackberries, & purple grapes)
Chipmunk Chips (banana chips)
Chocolate Dew Drops (chocolate chips)
Garden Rocks (candy rocks)
Gnome Granola (granola)
Woodland Twigs (stick pretzels) - which I forgot. Oops!

The Table Setting

The Party 

Fairy Transformation

The party began with the children going through a Fairy Transformation. They received their wings, wands, fairy dust necklace, and a fairy bag

Musical Mushrooms

While waiting for all the children to arrive the children were able to play Musical Mushrooms.

Mushroom Piñata 

The children gathered to take turns hitting the Mushroom Piñata.

They collected their Woodland Treats and placed them in their Fairy Bags.

Fairy Feast

The Fairy Feast started off by singing to the Birthday Fairy and blowing out candles. Instead of the traditional cake and ice cream, Fairies celebrate birthdays by eating Woodland Tree Bark (Scotcharoos).

Let the Feast Begin

Time for Presents

Fairies are extremely fast at opening presents. 

Dancing Party

To close out the party every Fairy must dance with friends. 

We are so grateful to all of Zoe's Fairy Friends who were able to celebrate her special day with us. We were blessed with extra Fairy Mommies and a Fairy Granny to make things run smoothly.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Pictures with Santa

I'm in love with these pictures. They could not be cuter. I love how they caught Zoe's personality in every picture.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Countdown Paper Chain

One of our Christmas Advent Calendar activities is making a Christmas countdown paper chain.

I supplied Zoe with the strips of paper and stapler and she took over from there.

This has been a helpful tool since present are showing up under the tree and in the mail. 

Christmas Advent Calendar

Last year my sister made this adorable advent calendar for me. Isn't she sweet?  

To bring in more of the true meaning of Christmas, I placed a scripture in each bag that tells the story of our Savior's birth. Thank you to other creative people I was able to find the scriptures here.

Along with the scriptures I place Christmas and winter activities in each bag. Some activities were taken from the the Christmas Bucket List that I found here. Here are some other activities I used: visit Temple Square, play with our the nativity set, go sledding, attend our ward Christmas dinner, cut snowflakes, make reindeer food, make neighbor gifts, make a countdown paper chain, build a snowman, etc. 

Here is a close up on some of the bags. I love how they are different shapes and sizes. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

North Pole Breakfast 2013

Our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast has arrived. 

Traditionally the North Pole Breakfast is held on December 1st. We had to wake up early so we would have plenty of time to finish breakfast and then get to church. Unfortunately we were still a little late.  

*Our North Pole Breakfast idea originally came from here. This lady sure outshines anyone when it comes to party planning. Can you say talented?

The night before the North Pole Breakfast Zoe received new Christmas pajamas from mommy and daddy. 
Once everything arrived and was set up, I woke the little one up. Zoe came willingly once I explained Santa had left a surprise for her.  

No peeking. 

I believe someone is still trying to wake up.

Thankfully Santa and his elf set up a well decorated North Pole Breakfast

Zoe's elf, Oliver Jingles, wrote her a personalized letter.

Welcome back Oliver.
*This is our version of Elf on a Shelf. I found him in the Christmas decor isle for $1. 

Oliver brought a Christmas Bucket List to complete this December.
*You can find one "exactly" like it here.

So here is what's on the menu. 

*Side note: North Pole elves are not the healthiest. We all know Buddy from the movie elf taught us that the elves stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.

Candy cane milk. Did you know milk changes color when you place a candy cane in it?

Snowballs from elf snowball fights of course.

Christmas Oreos

Peppermint marshmallow twists

Kisses from Santa and all his reindeer (including Rudolph)

Snow covered donuts. Zoe saw me pick some up from the store and asked for them all night. The next morning while eating her North Pole Breakfast she excitedly said, "Mom look Santa brought donuts just like we have".

Mistletoe muffins

Self serve hot chocolate with ice burgs (see picture below)

I think Santa's North Pole Breakfast was a success.